In today's economy there are many online retailers vying for your business. Shopping for new equipment can be overwhelming with so many options and very little difference between the many web vendors out there. What sets Grade&Stake apart from the rest can be summed up in one word: SERVICE

A few things come to mind for most people when they hear the word service in relation to a retail experience. Competitive prices, fast delivery, friendly associates, etc. While those are all important aspects of any purchase, they don't benefit the customer after the sale is made. When purchasing the equipment you rely on to make a living, you need confidence that the company you do business with will have your back after the transaction is complete. At Grade&Stake we not only support all of our products, we service them as well.


Routine maintenance is crucial for all precision measuring tools. Jobsites are rough and even the highest quality lasers and transits need regular tune-ups. Our New Hampshire location is equipped to calibrate all the instruments we sell so you're not left alone after we send you the equipment.


But despite our best efforts, accidents happen. The last thing you want to discover when your equipment gets damaged is that it's not serviceable and you need to replace it. Our manufacturer certified technicians are equipped with the experience and tooling to fix almost any damages your precision tools may sustain.

We take pride in providing a level of service you won't find on other equipment retail sites. At Grade&Stake you can shop with confidence, knowing you'll receive high quality products backed by a team of experts ready to offer you the support and service you'll need as you put your new equipment to work. For questions regarding support and service you can call us at 603-843-8252, or fill out our service request form and we'll contact you via email.

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