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Grade&Stake is the brand new online storefront for New England Laser and Transit Company! While New England Laser remains committed to providing the best support and service in the Northeast, we recognize the shift towards online retail in today's economy. Many of our customers prefer to have a physical storefront they can rely on to see equipment in-person and ask any questions they may have. However, some customers prefer the simplicity and convenience of online shopping where they can have brand new equipment shipped to their doorstep with just a few clicks of a mouse. New England Laser is already well established to provide exceptional support and service, and now Grade&Stake is here to provide fantastic deals to those looking for the convenience of online shopping.


Many online retailers never even see the equipment you purchase, let alone have the knowledge to answer your questions and provide support. At Grade&Stake, we don't just process orders that get drop shipped from the manufacturer. The majority of the equipment we ship out is stocked and handled in our New Hampshire location. This has a number of benefits.

  • We Personally Calibrate Every Piece of Equipment
    • Every instrument that leaves our hands has been calibrated in-house by our factory certified technicians. Not all equipment that comes from the manufacturer arrives in perfect calibration. We make sure you don't have to worry about accuracy and can get right to work with confidence.
  • We Know the Equipment
    • All of our staff has intimate knowledge of the equipment we sell. We're not just middlemen working out of cubicles. Whether it be sales, support, or service, each member of our team has hands-on experience working with all the lasers and optical devices on our website.
  • We Support All Sales
    • Grade&Stake takes online retail to the next level by offering unmatched support for all our equipment. We don't refer our customers to manufacturer websites or external customer service. If you have questions about your newly purchased equipment, we have answers. We also process warranty claims for any equipment purchased from Grade&Stake so you don't have to go through that process. 


Since 1992 New England Laser & Transit has been a leader in the field of construction lasers and optical surveying equipment. With a focus on unmatched support and service we've gained the trust of customers all throughout New England. Grade&Stake brings that same knowledge and experience to the world of online retail. Our goal is to combine unparalleled support with competitive prices so you can have complete confidence in your online purchase. 

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