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GeoMax Zeta 125 Red Beam Pipe Laser
GeoMax Zeta 125 Red Beam Pipe Laser
Geomax Zeta 125




    • With a functional and versatile configuration, a full range of features, and a tough design, the GeoMax Zeta 125 fit all your needs, getting an error-free job done – no matter what the situation or the environmental conditions might be.


    • Thanks to the unique vertical alignment of the GeoMax Zeta125S, you can determine the direction of the pipe from the safety of outside the trench. The built in auto-alignment system allows for the laser to scan and find a target at the opposite end of the pipe, eliminating the need to manually manipulate the beam.


    • Maximum productivity


    • Fast self-levelling Automatic target alignment Cross axis compensation


    • Maximum robustness


    • IP68 submerge proof Full metal housing Built to last


    • Maximum flexibility in applications


    • Wide range of accessories Long distance remote control Safe and versatile charging options

Additional features for GeoMax Zeta 125S:

    • 6 deg. automatic cross-axis leveling


    • Built in auto-alignment system


    • Manual alignment



Economy Package: Laser, Remote, Target, Case

Complete Trivet Package: Laser, 150 mm Legs, Universal Target, Charger, Remote, Li-Ion Battery, Trivet, Handle Rod Mount, Height Adjust Rod, Case

    • Suitable for pipes with 125mm (5") diameter 


    • 45%-15% self leveling range 


    • 40%-10% grade range 


    • ±5 mm at 100 m (± 1/16” at 100’) ; ± 10 arc sec.; ± .005% accuracy range 


    • 40 hour Lithium-Ion battery pack 


    • IP68 dust and water protection 


    • >300m operating range 


    • Remote control capabilities (900m operating range)


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